All expense paid vision trip giveaway!!!


Congratulations Nollan Worrell!!

Trained by Techs is proud to offer an All-Expense paid trip to the Vision Hi-Tech Training conference.

Congratulations to Nollan as he was chosen and called during our YouTube Live-Stream. Nollan is just as excited as us to attend this career-changing event. We look forward to meeting Nollan as well as many other like-minded individuals at this world-class event. 

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible and all of our participants that left some outstanding stories. 

Vision is coming up so SIGN UP TODAY!! We hope to see you there! 

Click here to sign up for the Vision Conference!

PicoScope lucky winner!


Many of you know that Trained By Techs was fortunate enough to give away a Pico Scope Kit to a lucky individual last month. Thank you so very much to Jim Morton, Jorge Menchu and Carlos Menchu for making this happen and a big thank you to everyone that supported us in this give away.

We are happy to inform you that after a long journey over the pond, the Pico Scope kit and accessories are now in the hands of it’s new owner.

We were tracking this package like nervous parents sending their first born to the first day of school.
When the tracking system showed that it was delivered, we contacted Dan Nielsen and to our dismay, he was not home to receive the package!

Can you guess where he was? He was training! Isn’t that awesome? He was learning about VW/Audi vehicles because he works at an Audi dealership in Denmark! How awesome is that!

Well, our winner thinks ahead because he’s a professional technician. He asked his neighbor to collect his mail. Luckily Dan's neighbor is a stand up Dane, and handed the package over to our new friend. And Dan lives happily ever after.
Here’s a picture of Dan and his new love.

Thanks again to all who helped make this awesome adventure possible!



  We’re literally pinching ourselves because there’s no way that Jerry Holcom, one of the Founders of Vision High Tech Training And Expo and the President of the Mid West Auto Care Alliance, even knows who we are, let alone publicly state that he is “especially impressed with a group of guys called Trained By Techs” in his October 30th 2018, President message to the members of the Mid West Auto Care Alliance.  The truth be told, we are impressed with Jerry and the entire MWACA (Mid-West Auto Care Alliance) family. For MWACA, who is no longer an affiliate of the ASA (Automotive Service Association) to offer support and a Vision Power Pass Scholarship to ASA Pennsylvania, an ASA affiliate, to donate to whoever and however they see fit was a world class thing to do.  Brin remembers Chris Chesney saying at the 2016 NASTF meeting, that when it comes to working on improving this industry, we need to check our badges at the door, roll up our sleeves and get to work. The Trained By Techs couldn’t agree more and Jerry and the rest of the MWACA lead by example and did just that.  We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone at the MWACA and ASA PA for their support and for all that they do for the industry to make our lives better.  


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